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A form is "stuck" in my Outbox. What do I do?



  • Reg Russell

    In iOS - Pronto Forms V 6.4.7 I see a "Send Logs to Support" option but not a "Send Forms to Support" option. 

  • Danielle Morley

    Hello Reg,

    "Send forms to Support" will appear in the iOS app if you still have forms that are stuck in your Outbox, otherwise this option will be hidden.  Please contact our support team at or 1.888.762.7472  if you are finding that this is not the case.


  • Donna Brooks

    Do you suggest we re-install the app after we receive confirmation that our stuck forms have been successfully uploaded?

  • Sean

    Hello Donna,

    If the forms were stuck in your Outbox due to a network problem then a re-install will not be required. If you are getting error messages or stuck forms on a regular basis then please contact our support team at or 1.888.762.7472  and we will create a support ticket to investigate why the forms are getting stuck in your Outbox.


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